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2013 NSWRHA Pre Futurity and State Show Day 1

"He's half a ton of poised and controlled energy, held on an easy rein and a hair trigger.

He's a workin' man who can earn his keep on the range all week - and be a handsome dandy at the track on Sunday afternoon.

He's proud when he stands, looks lazy when he walks -

But when he runs he can whip the tears from the corners of your eyes and plaster your hat brim against the crown.

He's big in the haunches, supple in the withers, stout in the neck and wide across the chest .... to hold his great heart.

He's cowsmart and brave - though sometimes a clown - and to the with sky in his eye and mud on his boots the Quarter Horse is a faithful hand .... And a friend!"

(Rex Cauble Crockett, Texas 1964)

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